North, South, and Central American Documents

North America


    1. 96-16746.TXT - E/CN.4/Sub.2/AC.4/1996/3/Add.1 Health and Indigenous Peoples - Statments by the Four Directions Council, Coordinating Association of Indigenous Communities in El Salvador, CHIRAPAQ, Legal Committee on Self-Sufficient Development for the Autochthonous Peoples of the Andes, and the Indigenous Parliament of America - UNWGIP 14th Session 12 June 1996
    2. NFC_JOE.TXT - Keynote Address by Joe DeLaCruz to the National Fisheries Conference, Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, National Indian Brotherhood -- 5/20/80
    3. NWPACTRT.TXT - The 1994 Pacific Northwest Treaty - Multilateral treaty between Indian Nations in the Northwest U.S. and Canada
    4. NWPACBAK.TXT - Background and List of Objectives - 1994 Pacific Northwest Treaty

    1. 1ST_NAT.TXT - Trusteeship and Self-Determination - Submitted to the UN by The Coalition of First Nations & IITC
    2. ABOR_SOV.TXT - Aboriginal Rights and the Sovereignty of Countries (including a case study of the Canadian Arctic) by Marc Denhez, Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
    3. ABORDECL.TXT - Universal Declaration of the Indigenous Aboriginal Nations of Canada
    4. ALGONQIN.TXT - The Algonquin Nation's Presentation to the Members Committee to Examine Matters Relating to the Accession of Quebec to Sovereignty
    5. ARCTIC.TXT - Science and the Indigenous Arctic - Legal basis for Inuit Sovereignty in the Circumpolar Region by Charles Etok Edwardsen, Jr.
    6. BILLPART.TXT - Petition and Bill of Particulars on the Establishment of Negotiations Between Indian Nations in Canada and the Gov't of Canada to Resolve Outstanding Differences Prior to the Patriation of the Canadian Constitution
    7. BILPART2.TXT - Petition and Bill of Particulars on the Political Standing of Indigenous Tribes and Bands Under the Protection of the British Gov't in the Face of Impending Canadian Independence
    8. BREAKPT.TXT - Review and Analysis of "Break Point" Actions and Strategies by Rudolph C. Rÿser 1/5/81 -- Repatriation of Canadian Constitution
    9. CANADA11.TXT - Canada's Statement at the 11th Session of the UNWGIP
    10. CANADA88.TXT - Canada's Statement at the 6th Session of the UNWGIP re: Draft Declaration
    11. CANADA94.TXT - Canada's Statement at the 12th Session of the UNWGIP - July 1994
    12. CIGA_CON.TXT - Confederation of Indigenous Governments Constitution
    13. CREE.TXT - Grand Council of the Crees (of Quebec) Submission to the UN Commission on Human Rights July 1985 -- James Bay Hydroelectric
    14. ELDERUN.TXT - The Statement of the Sto:Lo Nation's Elders to the UN General Assembly 8/29/82
    15. FOUR_DIR.TXT - The Uranium Industry and Indigenous Peoples of North America - Statement by the Four Directions Council before the Human Rights Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
    16. HIGHLAW.TXT - Indian Government and Canada's Reform Constitution: Indian Inherent Rights and Reserve Powers
    17. IAA.TXT - Constitutional Exclusion Leaves Us No Choice by the Indian Association of Alberta
    18. ILM.TXT - Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples - Issues which must be addressed if the R.C. is hopeful of productive results
    19. INDCONST.TXT - Indian Nations and the Constitution - A position paper prepared by the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs on the patriation of the Canadian Constitution
    20. INTCAN.TXT - Toward an International Recognized Political Status: Indigenous National Coexistence With the State of Canada CWIS 3/18/83
    21. LILLOOET.TXT - The Stl'atl'imx Nation's submission for membership into the United Nations
    22. LSCR_94.TXT - Statement by Jennifer Klimek, Co-Chair of the Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review at the UNWGIP 12th Session '94
    23. LUBICN94.TXT - Oral Intervention by Sharon Venne on Behalf of the Lubicon Cree (with attachments) at UNWGIP 12th Session '94
    24. The Legacy of Grand Chief George Manuel, Shuswap Nation - Co-founder, Center For World Indigenous Studies - Text version also available.
    25. NAWASHBK.TXT - Background to the Nawash Saugeen Breach of Trust Suit by Roger Tottman
    26. NISGAA.TXT - Negotiating Nisga'a Rights - an Interview with Joseph Gosnell, Executive Chair of the Nisga'a Tribal Council
    27. NISHNAWB.TXT - Declaration of Nishnawbe-Aski by the Ojibway-Cree Nation of Treaty No. 9 to the people of Canada delivered by the Chiefs of Grand Council Treaty No. 9
    28. NUXALK.TXT - Statement of the Nuxalk Nation to the UN on the Definition of "Indigenous Populations"
    29. NWBRNSWK.TXT - Union of New Brunswick Indians Presentation on Indigenous Populations, Palais Des Nations, August 1-5, 1988, by Graydon Nicholas, President
    30. PETITION.TXT - Petition by the Indian People of Canada to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, November 1980, re: patriation of the Canadian constitution
    31. RESISTNC.TXT - Contact and Resistance: The History of Canada From an Aboriginal Perspective - Rosalee Tizya, Center For World Indigenous Studies
    32. TREATY6.TXT - Statement by the Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations at the 12th Session of the UNWGIP - July 1994
    33. TRET6_88.TXT - Statement submitted by the Treaty 6 Chiefs on Treaties and the Study of Treaties to the UNWGIP - August 1988
    34. UBCIC.TXT - Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Aboriginal Title and Rights Position Paper, Ratified at the UBCIC 17th Annual General Assembly
    35. UBCIC88.TXT - Statement of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs at the 6th Session of the UNWGIP - August 1988
    36. UNION_BC.TXT - Remarks of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs before the 5th Session of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations 8/3/87
    37. UNN_C-31.TXT - The United Native Nations Presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Cmt. on Indian Affairs Respecting Bill C-31
    38. WHITELIE.TXT - The Canadian Government and the Great White Lie -- Canadian Constitutional repatriation issues.

    1. OAXTEPEC.TXT - Second Summit Meeting of Indigenous Peoples Oaxtepec Declaration, Oaxtepec, Mexico - October 1993

    1. Trail of Broken Treaties 20 Points for Renewal of Contracts -- Reconstruction of Indian Contracts and Securing an Indian Future in America!
    2. Initial Report of the American Indian Leaders Advisory Council to the incumbent Reagan Administration.
    3. State of the International Confederation of Autonomous Chapters of the American Indian Movement at the UNWGIP 12th Session, 27 July 1994
    4. ANTI-IND.TXT - Treaty Rights and Responding to Anti-Indian Activity by Zoltan Grossman
    5. ALCATRAZ.TXT - The 1969 Indians of All Nations Alcatraz Proclamation to the Great White Father and His People
    6. BIAFAQ91.TXT - "American Indians Today: Answers to your Questions" - Bureau of Indian Affairs booklet (heavy on the propaganda, but with some useful information and resources).
    7. CENTENAL.TXT - Centennial Accord Between the Federally Recognized Indian Tribes in Washington State and the State of Washington
    8. CHIPTRT1.TXT - Treaty with the Ottawa, Chippewa, etc. - March 28, 1836
    9. CHIPTRT2.TXT - Treaty with the Chippewa - July 29, 1837
    10. CHIPTRT3.TXT - Treaty with the Chippewa - October 4, 1842
    11. CHIPTRT4.TXT - Treaty with the Chippewa - September 30, 1854
    12. CIVIL.TXT - U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Constitutional Status of American Indians. March 1973.
    13. COLLIDE1.TXT - When Tribes and States Collide Part I - Tribes Are Outside the U.S. Federal System (A Special Report prepared for the Inter-Tribal Study Group on Tribal/State Relations)
    14. COLLIDE2.TXT - When Tribes and States Collide Part II - Symptoms of a Greater Problem (A Special Report prepared for the Inter-Tribal Study Group on Tribal/State Relations)
    15. COMMOBIL.TXT - Community Mobilization on the Warm Springs Reservation by Scott McLean - Community determined methods of reducing substance use and abuse.
    16. DELACRUZ.TXT - Testimony of Joseph B. DeLaCruz, President, Quinault Indian Nation before the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs - 2 Dec 1987 re: Restructuring the government-to-government relationship between the U.S. government and Indian Nations
    17. DUCKWSGC.TXT - Compact of Self-Governance Between the Duckwater Shoshone Nation and the United States of America
    18. EDHATCH.TXT - Information on Eddie Hatcher - Native American Political Prisoner in North Carolina
    19. EDHATCh3.TXT - A Message From Eddie Hatcher - September 1994 (Contains new address for Eddie)
    20. ENV_MOU.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding Between Federally Recognized Tribes of Wash. State and the State of Washington -- Environmental Protection
    21. EPA_GUID.TXT - Environmental Protection Agency Indian Policy Implementation Guidelines with attached policy statement -- 11/8/84
    22. EPA_POL.TXT - Environmental Protection Agency Policy for the Administration of Environmental Programs on Indian Reservations -- 11/8/84
    23. FISHRITE.TXT - Tough Questions on Indian Fishing -- by The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
    24. FLATHEAD.TXT - Racism on the Flathead Reservation by Velda Friedlander-Shelby, Kootenai Nation
    25. GAMBLE.TXT - "Sovereignty and Common Sense" by Oren Lyons and John Mohawk
    26. GAMBLING.TXT - The Onondaga Council of Chiefs Memorandum on Tribal Sovereignty
    27. IGAWS.TXT - Indian Governments & Washington State: An Examination of the Similarities & Differences in Their Positions Concerning Tribal-State Relations
    28. IHS_SGFC.TXT - Minutes and agenda of the 1995 Indian Health Service Self-Governance Tribal Fall Conference - October 3 & 4, 1995, Scottsdale, Arizona.
    29. INDCITZN.TXT - Indian Nations, the United States and Citizenship by John Mohawk
    30. INDGOVT.TXT - "Who Will Govern Indian Country" by Rudolph C. Rÿser
    31. Indian Self-Government Process Evaluation - Preliminary Findings Report. Preliminary findings of a year long tribally initiated study undertaken by CWIS to evaluate the Self-Governance Demonstration Project. Available in ASCII Text and PDF. Information on how to purchase the recently released Final Report is also available.
    32. INTRNLAW.TXT - Indian Sovereignty and International Law
    33. ITSG_1.TXT - Inter-Tribal Study Group on Tribal/State Relations - Tribal Positions and Policies in Washington State - Concept Paper
    34. ITSG_2.TXT - Inter-Tribal Study Group on Tribal/State Relations - Taxation by Indian Tribes
    35. ITSG-CIT.TXT - Inter-Tribal Study Group on Tribal/State Relations - A Separate People: Tribal People's Citizenship Within the U.S.
    36. JOE.TXT - Presidential Address by Joe DeLaCruz to NCAI -- "Defending Our Inalienable Rights: We Cannot Fail Our Children"
    37. JOE_PAP.TXT - Indian Self-Determination the Ideal and Indian Self-Governance the Reality - by President Joe DeLaCruz, Quinault Indian Nation
    38. JOE_REMK.TXT - Indian Governments and Neighboring Governments: Sovereign Equality and Standards of Conduct Within the Context of Govt-to-Govt Relations, Joe DeLaCruz
    39. LUMMIMOU.TXT - Draft Memorandum of Understanding Between the Lummi Nation and Whatcom County for the establishment of a coordinated Tribal/County Lummi Reservation Planning Process
    40. MANIFEST.TXT - Reflections on Race and Manifest Destiny by Thomas Jimson
    41. METIS87.TXT - Statement by the Metis National Council to the UNWIGP 5th Session, August 1987 - includes addendum: Background Notes on Historical Metis Land Rights
    42. MORRIS.TXT - Statement by Prof. Glenn T. Morris to UNWGIP on topic of standard setting -- Religious Freedom
    43. NEWEPLAN.TXT - Newe Sogobia & the U.S.A.: Renewal of International Relations on the Basis of Government-to-Government Respect
    44. NEO-TERM.TXT - Neo-Termination and the Reagan Administration: U.S. Assimilation Policy with a New Label - NCAI analysis paper by Rudolph C. Rÿser
    45. NUKEWAST.TXT - Indian Burial Grounds for Nuclear Waste by Randel D. Hanson, Multinational Monitor
    46. OR-COAST.TXT - Oregon Coast Tribes Treaty of 1855 (Unratified)
    47. PELTIER.TXT - Leonard Peltier's pre-sentencing statement to the court, June 1, 1977 - Fargo, North Dakota
    48. PUYALLUP.TXT - Memorandum of Intent between the Puyallup Tribe, Pierce County, Washington State and the U.S.A to work together on a government-to-government basis on Cedar River issues
    49. QINJCMOU.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding Between Jefferson County, WA and the Quinault IndianNation re: developing a cooperative approach to the regulation of development for lands located within the Quinault Reservation.
    50. QINMOU93.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding Between the Quinault Nation and Jefferson and Grays Harbor Counties re: Establishing a Joint Land Use Regulatory Program and Minimum Development Guidelines.
    51. QUINLT80.TXT - State of the Quinault Nation 1980 -- Message by President Joe DeLaCruz to the General Council
    52. QUINTRET.TXT - The Quinault River Treaty signed July 1, 1855
    53. REAGAN83.TXT - Statement by President Ronald Reagan on U.S. Indian Policy - January 24, 1983
    54. RECOGNIZ.TXT - NCAI paper on the controversy in Indian Country over federal recognition of non-recognized tribes.
    55. RWAIN.TXT - Competing Sovereignties in North America and the Right-Wing and Anti-Indian Movement: Preliminary Findings of the RWAIN Project, January, 1988
    56. SCALP.TXT - 21 Ways to Scalp an Indian
    57. SELFGOVT.TXT - American Indian Self-Government: Fact, Fantasy and Prospects for the Future by Ward Churchill
    58. SKOK.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding Between the Skokomish Tribe and Mason County, Washington
    59. SKOKRIVR.TXT - Death of a River... And Resurrection by Marsha Shaiman - Destruction of the Skokomish River watershed by City of Tacoma
    60. STATTRIB.TXT - Handbook on State-Tribal Relations by the Commission on State-Tribal Relations
    61. STEER-09.TXT - Report of the 9th Meeting of the Conference of Tribal Governments Steering Committee
    62. STOWW.TXT - Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington Draft Plan of Operation
    63. SUQMETRO.TXT - Seven Point Protocal Between the Suquamish Tribe and the Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle (METRO)
    64. SWIN-SKG.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding for Establishing Procedures for the Administration of a Cooperative Land Use Planning Prgram between Swinomish and Skagit County, WA
    65. SWINOMSH.TXT - Memorandum of Understanding for Establishing a Coordinated Tribal/County Regional Planning Program Between the Swinomish Indian Tribe & Skagit County, Wa
    66. TCHTHNKS.TXT - Teaching About Thanksgiving 2nd Edition -- a teaching manual created by Highline School District
    67. TERMINAT.TXT - Termination: The Colville Situation by Mel Tonasket - October 30, 1970
    68. TRAVERSE.TXT - Compact of Self-Governance Between the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the United States of America - June 16, 1992
    69. TRIBFRNT.TXT - Introductory Chapter to _Anti-Indian Movement on the Tribal Frontier, 2nd Revised Edition_ by Rudolph C. Rÿser, Chairman, Center For World Indigenous Studies. A PDF version is also available.
    70. TS.TXT - Indian Nations & Washington State: Forming a Basis for Intergovernmental Relations. Discussion Paper: State Policy & Indian National Policy
    71. WISEUSE.TXT - The Anti-Indian Movement in the Wise Use Movement: Threatening the Cultural and Biological Diversity of Indian Country by Rudolph C. Rÿser, Chairman of CWIS
    72. WSNC_1.TXT - Statement by the Western Shoshone National Council at UNWGIP 12th Session on Agenda Item #5
    73. WSNC_2.TXT - Statement by the Western Shoshone National Council at UNWGIP 12th Session on Agenda Item #6
    74. WW_CHRON.TXT - Treaty Rights Workshop Chronologies for Western Washington Tribes -- Timeline of Wa. history, treaty relations, and Gov. Issac Stevens
    75. WWCHEALS.TXT - Treaty Rights Workshop - The Chehalis River Treaty Council and the Treaty of Olympia (Includes transcript of treaty making session with Gov. Stevens)
    76. WWPUGSND.TXT - Treaty Rights Workshop - The Treaties of Puget Sound 1854-55 (Background information on the treaty signings and the persons responsible).
    77. WWTREATY.TXT - Treaty Rights Workshop - Background of Treaty Making In Western Washington by Barbara Lane, PhD.
    78. NCAI Resolution #PSC-99-000 - Treaty Rights, BioCultural Security and protecting Traditional Cultural and Resource Rights [Plain Text Version]
    79. NCAI Resolution #PHX-96-118 - Intellecutal & Cultural Property Rights

Central and South America

  1. 94-12919.TXT - Statements by Ecuador and Panama re: Draft Declaration at 12th Session of UNWGIP - June 1994
  2. 95-12910.TXT - UNWGIP Thirteenth Session Document 95-12910 - "The Current Situation of the Tremembe people of Almofala" by the Tremembe of Almofala Indigenous Organization and "Ecology and Human Survival" by the Tupaj Katari Indian Movement
  3. AMAZNOIL.TXT - Amazon Oil Offensive by Chris Jochnick, Multinational Monitor - Developments concerning Texaco's and Maxus Oil's presence in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  4. ARIASPAX.TXT - Report on the Nicaraguan Indian Peace Initiative: A Search for Indian Rights Within the Arias Peace Plan -- Indian Law Resource Center, April 1988
  5. BOGOTA.TXT - The Bogota Accords - Ceasefire agreement between MISURASATA (Organization of the Miskito, Sumu, and Rama) and the Nicaraguan Government - December 1984
  6. BOGOTA85.TXT - World Council of Indigenous Peoples' Declaration of Bogota re: negotiations between MISURASATA and the Nicaraguan government
  7. COCA.TXT - Statement by the Tupay Katari movement on the importance of the coca plant to Andean nations at the 11th Session of the UNWGIP - July 1993
  8. COJPITA.TXT - Contamination of the Environment and Violation of the Human Rights - Statement by the Legal Commission of the Integration of Peoples Tawantinsuyana - COJPITA, UNWGIP - July 1992
  9. COLOMBIA.TXT - Territory, Environment and Development in the Pacific Coastal Region of Colombia, by the Indigenous Community Organizations of the Choco
  10. COSTRICA.TXT - Costa Rica, Hydro-Electric Development and the Indigenous Population by Tamara Broadhead - COSAMCO 1981
  11. IMC-96.TXT - E/CN.4/Sub.2/AC.4/1996/3/Add.2 Statement by the Indigenous Missionary Council to the 14th Session of the UNWGIP re: Impact of diseases on Indian Nations in Brazil - 28 June 1996
  12. ITCAPLAN.TXT - International Tribunal on Genocide in Central America. Planning Doc. 1: Draft Plan of Action
  13. LLAQTA.TXT - A hilarious diatribe by the Llaqta School of Journalism of Cusco against the First World Congress of Indian People ("Yankee Imperialists")
  14. LOKONO87.TXT - Speech by representative of the Lokono Nation, Suriname before the UNWGIP 1987
  15. MACAS.TXT - Fueling Destruction in the Amazon - an Interview with Dr. Luis Macas, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONIE)
  16. MAPUCHE.TXT - Report on the Present Situation of the Mapuche in Chile - Presented to the UNWGIP, 27 July 1984
  17. MISKITO.TXT - Statement by MISURASATA in Spanish and English to the Sandinistas in 1985
  18. NIC_DEC.TXT - Declaration of Indigenous Leaders Regarding the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast Region
  19. NICAR-RE.TXT - Nicaragua and the Indian Revolution by Professor Bernard Q. Nietschmann
  20. NICWAR.TXT - Indian War in Nicaragua, Rivera Peace Initiative by Rudolph C. Rÿser
  21. YANOMAMI.TXT - Yanomami in Peril - An Interview with Davi Kopenawa Yanomami
  22. YATAMA.TXT - The YATAMA/Nicaragua Accord - Basic Preliminary Accords Between the Government of Nicaragua and the Organization YATAMA February 2, 1988
  23. YATPEACE.TXT - The YATAMA Peace Initiative - Proposed by the Indigenous Organizations YATAMA to the Nicaraguan Government in February 1989