Documents From Melanesia, Polynesia, and the Pacific

  1. 1_PUBLAW.TXT - US Public Law 103-150 - Acknowledging the illegal annexation of Hawai'i and offering an apology to Native Hawai'ians
  2. 2_BOYLE.TXT - Interpretation of U.S. Public Law 103-150 under International Law, and its Implications for the Restoration of the Independent and Sovereign Nation State of Hawai'i
  3. 3_BOYLE.TXT - Restoration of the Independent Nation State of Hawai'i Under International Law - Professor Francis Anthony Boyle
  4. 4_PROCLA.TXT - Proclamation Restoring the Independence of the Sovereign Nation State of Hawai'i - January 16, 1994 [official English version]
  5. 5_ESSAY.TXT - Sovereignty is Coming Soon - Essay published in the "Voices of Sovereignty" series on the editorial page of the Honolulu Advertiser - 11 October 1994
  6. 96-13037.TXT - Statement by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission at the 14th Session of the UNWGIP re: A Definition of "Indigenous Peoples" - 28 June 1996
  7. AOTEAROA.TXT - Statement by Maori representative Nganeko Kaihau Minhinnick to the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations 1989
  8. ATSIC.TXT - Statements by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to the UNWGIP - July 1992
  9. AUS_88.TXT - Statement by Mr. R Winroe on behalf of the Australian Observer Delegation under Item 6, Outline of a Study on the Significance of Treaties, Agreements and other Constructive Arrangements - UNWGIP 6th Session August 1988
  10. AUS_95.TXT - "Self-Determination - The Australian Position", position paper by the Australian delegation to the UN Inter-Sessional Working Group on a Draft Declaration - 10 October 1995
  11. The Centre For Maaori Studies and Research 1993 Annual Report
  12. CMSR_94.TXT - Centre for Maaori Studies and Research 1994 Annual Report
  13. DEMMAK.PDF - Demmak Penis Gourd Peoples Assembly Appeal for Indonesian Troop Withdrawal - The Penis Gourd Peoples Assembly - Council
  14. HAWAICON.TXT - Constitution of the Hawai`ian Nation - Ratified 16 January 1995
  15. HAWAII.TXT - Statement to UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations by Moanikeala Akaka on Hawai'ian Nation
  16. HAWAIIND.TXT - The Right to Hawai'ian Independence vs. Nation Within a Nation Status - submitted by Hawai'ian Nation
  17. HAWIQUES.TXT - Commonly Asked Questions About Ka Lahui Hawai'i (The Sovereign Nation of Hawai'i)
  18. HR189.TXT - Hawai'ian House of Reps. Resolution requesting that the Department of the Navy and RIMPAC terminate the use of Kaho'olawe as a bombing target.
  19. HUINAAUA.TXT - Intervention by Hui Na'auao (Coalition of Hawai'ian sovereignty organizations) at 11th Session of the UNWGIP
  20. JFKPAPUA.TXT - Secret letter by Pres. Kennedy to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, RE: the U.S. position on the transfer of administration of W. Papua to Indonesia.
  21. KAL22601.PDF - Kalimantan - Perspectives on Borneo - How the Dayak and the Madurese came to blows.
  22. KANAK.TXT - Solemn Declaration of the Establishment of Authority From the Kanak People - Declaration of Sovereignty by the Kanak Nation, New Caledonia
  23. MACHORO.TXT - Statement Prepared by Eloi Machoro of the Kanak Nation (New Caledonia) for Presentation at the Third General Assembly of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples
  24. MALUKU1.TXT - An Independent Moluccan State by Virtue of the Right of Self-Determination? A statement by the Republic of the Maluccas in Exile - June 6, 1993
  25. MALUKU2.TXT - Stop Violation of Human and Collective Rights on Maluku by the Homeland Mission 1950 - South Moluccas Independence Organization.
  26. MAORI.TXT - History and information on the National Maori Congress -- and venue and contacts for upcoming Congress in 1993
  27. MAORI_88.TXT - Statement by Nganeko Kaihau Minhinnick, Maori Representative to the UNWGIP 6th Session, August 1988
  28. MERDEKA.TXT - Statement Concerning the Right of Self-Determination of the West Papuan People by the Free Papua Movement (OPM) at the UNWGIP Session #5, August 1987
  29. NAC_1.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference Position Paper on Refugees
  30. NAC_2.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference Position Paper on Nuclear Arms Build-Up in the South Pacific and the Development of US Bases on Australian Soil
  31. NAC_3.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference Position Paper on Economics
  32. NAC_4.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference Position Paper on Education
  33. NAC_5.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference Position Paper on Aboriginal Health and Related Matters
  34. NAC_ISUE.TXT - National Aboriginal Conference statement to the World Council of Indigenous Peoples re: "Our National Issues"
  35. SR38.TXT - State of Hawai'i Senate Resolution Expressing concern regarding the use of Kaho'olawe as a shelling target by the Dept. of the Navy and RIMPAC
  36. TONGA.TXT - Pacific Island Independence: Can Island Nations Avoid Dependence?
  37. UN-AUST.TXT - Statement by Robert Tickner, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs before the 10th Session of the UNWGIP
  38. UNHAWAI.TXT - Resolution Submitted to UNWGIP by Hawai'ian Nation re: The Right of Self-Determination and Independence - July 1994
  39. UN-RES.TXT - United Nations Resolution 34/40 on East Timor 21 November 1979
  40. UN_WPAP1.TXT - Statement on threatening developments concerning the human rights of the West Papuan People to the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations, 1985
  41. UN_WPAP2.TXT - Statement by Mr. Juwana, observer from the Indonesian delegation in rebuttal to the West Papuan delegation's statement in UN_WPAP1.TXT
  42. UN_WPAP3.TXT - Statement of the Free Papua Movement in reply to the statement by Mr. Juwana in UN_WPAP2.TXT
  43. W_PAPUA.TXT - Statement on behalf of the Free Papua Movement (West Papuan People's Movement for Freedom and Independence) to the UN Commission on Human Rights
  44. WPAP-RES.TXT - Resolution on West Papua by the Conference of the Indigenous/Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests Feb. 12-15, 1992
  45. WPPF.TXT - Information on the West Papuan Peoples Front, a member organization of the OPM, West Papua's military/political liberation front.