CWIS Announcements

  • CWIS Herbal Medicines Certificate Begins

    Herbal Medicines Foundation Apprenticeship Program that aims to invigorate tribal community members with both traditional and western herbal medicine practitioner and educator skills. This is a pilot… more
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  • CWIS at A.S.H.E.S. Concert - Seattle

    CWIS will join Seattle Rapper in his "Welcome Home Show" A.S.H.E.S the Chosen on Friday 8 April when our own Jon M.C. Ryser will make an appeal for contributions to support the CWIS Culture, Foods… more
  • Fourth World Theory

    The Center for World Indigenous Studies research into the applications of Fourth World knowledge systems prompted the need for a clear theoretical framework for the… more
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  • Multicultural Counseling Workbook

    Center for Traditional Medicine Director and CWIS Research Director Dr Leslie E. Korn has published fifth book, the "Multicultural… more
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