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Certificate Program

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM / with a masters degree option

Fourth World Institute
(Geopolitical, economic, cultural and social studies of Fourth World Nations)
(Cross Cultural Healing Arts and Sciences)

Academic Catalog
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Program Description
The Center for World Indigenous Studies offers certificates through the Center for Traditional Medicine and the Fourth World Institute - under our Education Program. Certificate programs are designed for highly motivated individuals who want to focus their education under the tutelage of scholar-practitioners in the fields of inquiry. Indigenous and non-indigenous participants from around the world enroll in the Certificate Program to work closely with an expert in their field(s) of interest to further their educational and career objectives.
Degree program option: Participants in the CWIS Fourth World Institute Certificate Program often use it as a core program within an advanced degree such as an MA. For the MA program we work directly with Vermont College Masters degree program. (*) online/distance learners may have some travel to colloquia depending on the specific MA Program. Once enrolled in the Certificate Program you will be asked to download SKYPE™ from and attach video and audio capabilities to your computer if these are not built in.
Certificate-only Participants who are active professionals, hold advanced degrees, engaged in life-long learning pursuits or who wish to obtain specific training prior to matriculation for a university degree also enroll.
Philosophy and Focus: The essence of the program is individualized, interdisciplinary study providing an integrative approach to thinking, writing, research, clinical practice, policy development and critical analysis. All programs emphasize the role of culture, personal and community health and social change as an underlying foundation of activities.
Participants receive close guidance in the design, development, and implementation of their programs and have the opportunity to conduct independent research or assist in on-going projects of the Center for World Indigenous Studies or Center for Traditional Medicine. Internships are offered in Olympia, Washington, USA at the Center's offices.
Program options: Students elect either online/on-site learning or online/distance learning only (*) programs. All students undertake coursework online and have direct online and/or phone contact with their core advisor. Students electing online-onsite incorporate travel to the centers' locations for seminars, tutorials and internship-fieldwork opportunities.
For students undertaking the distance-only certificate, internship hours are undertaken in their locale by arrangement with their advisor.
Coursework and Syllabi: Students may draw from existing Center for Traditional Medicine or Fourth World Institute seminars outlined in course syllabi or create their own with the approval of their core advisor.
Application: Prior to a formal application, you are encouraged to write a preliminary letter of interest to either Dr. Leslie Korn for Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences or to Dr. Rudolph C. Rÿser for Fourth World Studies.

Program Structure
  • Students work with faculty intensely to define and outline their course of study. These activities may include seminars, workshops, self-designed courses, internships/practicum and travel.

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Meet some of our alumni

  • Rosario Galvan

    Rosario Galvan

    Certificate / MA Degree, Cross-Cultural Integrative Healing Arts and Fourth World Studies

  • Annette Boe, MA

    Annette Boe MA

    Certificate / MA Degree, Holistic Mental Health

  • Mirjam Hirch, PhD

    Mirjam Hirch

    Certificate, Fourth World Studies and Traditional Medicine

  • Elise Krohn

    Certificate, Ethnobotany / MA Degree, Traditional Foods and Medicines

  • Karie Nicholas

    Karie Nicholas

    Certificate - Fourth World Studies / MA Degree - Social Psychology

  • S. Amy Desjarlais

    S. Amy Desjarlais

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