Center for World Indigenous Studies

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Masters Degree Program

CWIS offers a 2-year certificate leading to an Accredited MA degree in cooperation with the Union Institute and University online Masters degree program.
  • Masters Degree in History and Culture with multiple specializations.
  • Master Degree in Health and Wellness with multiple specializations.
The certificate provides 18 of the 36 units required to fulfill the degree. You work with CWIS core faculty for the duration of your certificate/MA degree which normally requires about 24 months of study. CWIS core faculty mentors guide you from start to finish from program inception through design, and the university application process and final project leading to the degree.

Is This Program Right for You?
Are you
  • Self-Motivated
  • Innovative
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Carving out your own path of applied scholarship
  • Interested in working at your own pace, online and via teleconference with top scholar-practitioners in the field
  • Excited about experiential learning and internships
  • Excited to design a program that meets your career goals

Get Started

Step-by-Step Process
  1. Click Here to submit a Letter of Inquiry about your goals and interests and suitability of the program
  2. Formal application and $50.00 USD non refundable fee submitted
  3. 1st semester: Begin designing your certificate program and MA degree with CWIS mentor
  4. end of 1st semester: Submit your university application and apply for financial aid
  5. 2nd semester: continue your studies toward your certificate and degree
The 2014-2016 certificate fee is $10,260.00 USD plus $50.00 USD application fee. Financial Aid
Many learners apply for federal student Loans upon application to the MA degree program. Funds obtained through this program may be used to reimburse you for out of pocket expenses incurred by the CWIS certificate program.

Meet some of our alumni

  • Rosario Galvan

    Rosario Galvan

    Certificate / MA Degree, Cross-Cultural Integrative Healing Arts and Fourth World Studies

  • Annette Boe, MA

    Annette Boe MA

    Certificate / MA Degree, Holistic Mental Health

  • Elise Krohn

    Certificate, Ethnobotany / MA Degree, Traditional Foods and Medicines

  • Karie Nicholas

    Karie Nicholas

    Certificate - Fourth World Studies / MA Degree - Social Psychology

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