Paulette A. Baukol BS

Paulette A. Baukol
Position:Affiliation:Turtle Mountain Band of ChippewaRegion:North America
Biographical Information:Paulette A. Baukol, BS, has a degree in psychology with an emphasis in the area of neuroscience. Her primary responsibility at the Mayo Clinic is Director of Operations for the Mayo Clinic’s “Spirit of Eagles” the only National American Indian/Alaskan Native Program funded by the National Cancer Institute’s Community Networks Programs within the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities. Ms. Baukol’s duties include the daily management and coordination both internally and externally for the program. The overall goal of this initiative is to address comprehensive tribal cancer control. She is the Principal Author for Physical Activity in Native American Adolescents. Prior research experience includes her work as co investigator and research coordinator responsible for the recruitment of all the subjects in the studies performed in Dr. James Levine’s Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) laboratory. Ms. Baukol is often invited to present at local and national forums to discuss performing research in Native communities that is culturally appropriate and respectful. She is a proud member of Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.