S. Amy Desjarlais

S. Amy Desjarlais
Affiliation:Ojibway/Potowotomi from Wasauksing First Nation
Biographical Information:S. Amy Desjarlais is Ojibway/Potowotomi from Wasauksing First Nation. A community organizer, and Traditional knowledge keeper, Amy currently works at Dodem Kanonhsa' (Clan Lodge) Cultural Facility in Toronto, Ontario. She lives in Toronto with her young son.

Amy's thesis "Emptying the Cup", explores Consultation through the Anishinawbekwe lens and in the context of Historical trauma. "Emptying the Cup" adds an Anishinawbek voice to the ongoing Consultation discussion between Canadian Government Leaders and Anishinawbek Leaders.

In an effort to build a foundation of mutual respect and collaboration, Amy saw an opportunity to meld ideas from two separate disciplines; that of the healing and therapeutic arts, with that of Governance and decision-making. Amy's essay, taking a pragmatic approach, asserts that with conscious and deliberate intention toward prevention of further trauma, "culturally appropriate" consultation adds a new element that acknowledges and respects Anishinawbek thought and ways of being.