Osmanjan Yakup Ph.D.

Dr. Osmanjan Yakup (Wusimanjiang Yakufu – Han name)
Affiliation:Xinjang UniversityPosition:
  • Fellow - Visiting Scholar and Senior Indigenous Knowledge Fellow
Region:Central AsiaBiographical Information:Dr. Yakup has been hosted by the Center for World Indigenous Studies as a Visiting Scholar in Olympia, Washington, USA beginning 24 June 2016 and ending 24 August 2016 from Urumqi, Xinjiang, PR China. He earned his doctoral degree in Chinese Ethnic History from Shaanxi Normal University. Dr. Yakup is conducting research in the field of indigenous knowledge research methods applied to ethnobotony. During his stay he emphasized "Theory and Methods of Indigenous Knowledge Research." His general research interests are Chagheta manuscripts, Uyghur historiography and indigenous knowledge. Dr. Yakup was awarded a Visiting Scholar’s grant to study indigenous knowledge from the China Scholarship Council in Beijing, PR China and Xingjiang University Department of International Cooperation and Exchange. Dr. Yakup is a Uyghur from Uyguristan (known by the Chinese government as Xiniang Province in the far western boundary of the PR China). He is an Associate Professor in the College of Humanities with a specialization in ethnobotany. He is the 2015 recipient of the National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program (China) for his project The Study of Local Knowledge and historical anthropology and the 2014 recipient of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Philosophy and Social Study Project: The Study of Chagatai manuscript collected in the Lund University. He speaks five languages: Uyghur (native tongue), Farsi, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish, and English. Dr. Yakup is the author of numerous journal articles focusing on historiography of Uyghurs including: Review of the Chagatai manuscripts of Tārīkh-i hamīdi Zayli collected at the Lund University, N.W. Journal of Ethnology. 2014. 3., Discussion of some Theory of Uyghur Historiography. Journal of Qinghai Nationalities University. 2013. 4., and Analysis of the Historical Work Chronicle’s Strutural charateristics in Farsi. Journal of Historiography. 2013. 2.