Tiffany Waters

Tiffany Waters
Position:Region:North America
Country:United States
Interests:International resource management, indigenous food sources/gathering, climate change, carbon sequestration
Biographical Information:Tiffany Waters, a local of the Olympic Peninsula, earned her Masters degree at Central Washington University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography/Anthropology in 2004 at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She started as an intern at CWIS in 2004 working on the Tribally Directed Research and Protected Knowledge Symposium and transitioned into a Research Assistant position in early 2005. She then began working as the Clinical Coordinator for the American Indian Caregiver Health Study, where she traveled to reservations throughout Washington State coordinating participants and energy medicine practitioners. She was fortunate enough to receive a year long NIH-funded research fellowship in 2006 to conduct qualitative and quantitative data analysis for the Caregiver Study.
In 2007, Tiffany moved to Ellensburg, WA to embark on her graduate studies in Resource Management at Central Washington University. She recently completed her coursework for her master’s degree and is currently working on her thesis, which focuses on Pacific Northwest traditional land management and its pre-colonial effects on soil organic carbon levels. She is currently affiliated with CWIS as an Associate Scholar and contributor to the Fourth World Eye.