Rosario Galvan

Rosario Galvan
  • Alumni - Certificate / MA Degree, Cross-Cultural Integrative Healing Arts and Fourth World Studies
  • FWJ Author -
Region:Western Europe
Interests:Social development, environmental management, international relations
Biographical Information:I am from Extremadura, a region in the South West of Spain, close to the border with Portugal, rich in historical and cultural traditions stemming from Castilian, Arabian, Amazigh, Sephardic, and Celtic influences. It is a frontier area that perhaps has fuelled my path and imagination as explorer of frontiers of knowledge and cultures, always in search of mutually respectful and enjoyable relations and agreements. I have worked in twenty three countries across four continents and am a global citizen at heart.

I undertook certificate studies at CWIS in cross-cultural integrative healing arts and Fourth World studies and applied these studies toward an M.A in Intercultural Communication, Social Development, and Creative Leadership from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, graduating from both programs in 2006.

As part of my studies at CWIS I spent time studying in both Mexico, and Olympia, exploring the connection between development and community trauma in indigenous cultures and ways to address it in a holistic manner. I studied the use of cross-cultural integrative medicine for trauma-related disorders, which include somatic therapies, energy medicine, nutrition, reconnection with nature, and counselling. I also studied the impact of globalization and economy of scale on indigenous nations and how conflicts of interest for the control of natural resources emerge between nations and states.

My research culminated in the thesis "Bridging the city and the jungle: A narrative of a personal and professional journey toward the twining of culture and development using an integrative approach that draws from indigenous and women's perspectives". Case studies exposed the benefits of using storytelling, ritual, and relational leadership for effective social engagement in project management across cultures.

I also wrote on the impact of women's relational management for project breakthroughs in organizations, highlighting the importance of narrative inquiry as an alchemic process that turns the challenge of diversity into a gold mine of learning opportunities and creative innovation. I have published a paper in the Fourth World Journal on the connection between women's heart intelligence, water, and consciousness in enhancing health and education in culturally distinct settings in rural and urban areas.

I have taken the cross-cultural integrative model I developed for stakeholder engagement in indigenous/ contexts to offer guidance at the civilian/military interface within international stabilization and humanitarian missions by presenting at the Culture in Conflict Symposia at the UK ( Cranfield University / Defense Academy (Culture Institute and the Advanced Research and Assessment Group), 2009, I've continued to be presenting there (2014) with a next wave of proposed concepts, which include tapping into our evolutionary intelligence for leading organizational change in a non-disruptive way that fosters both continuity and transformation. This serves the institutional question of will we know what we know when we need it?

My background includes a BSc in Biology with specialization in Zoology, post-graduate certificates in Environmental Science and Land Use Planning, and ongoing training in different approaches to leadership development, among them the Social Artistry approach with the Jean Houston Foundation, which addresses social change through unleashing the genius of individuals and cultures.