Annette Boe MA

Annette Boe, MA
  • Alumni - Certificate / MA Degree, Holistic Mental Health
Biographical Information:I began my internship in nutritional therapy with Dr. Korn, and applied these credits and continued studying with Dr. Korn as my mentor for my MA degree in holistic mental health with Union Institute & University from which I graduated in March, 2010. I have been on a journey of self-discovery in the process of claiming ownership of my wellness in a holistic fashion. I have unearthed many effective tools from indigenous cultures across the world that support the body's wisdom and innate healing process. I hope to pass along the wisdom as I support my clients in their own explorations through the addiction recovery process at my present position at Integrative Counseling Services in Seattle, Washington. I am living out my dream to be a "soul catcher" who finds physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental, and artistic ways to nurture and support the return of lost soul parts of creatives, sensitives, eccentrics, and revisionists - in hopes of returning valuable perspectives to the social fabric of our culture.

My thesis was entitled: Holistic Mental Health: Integral Inclusion and the Infusion of a Shamanic Perspective. It explores a holistic approach to mental health and illness in order to widen the scope of inquiry to all dimensions of health - physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental - and to subsequently avoid circumventing any underlying dysfunctions or imbalances. Schools of thought within the field of holistic mental health are compared according to levels of reductionism and inclusion, the integration of levels of consciousness, and the ultimate goals of holistic treatment. An inclusive cultural example is provided through the exploration of shamanic tradition and shamanic treatment modalities. The shamanic perspective is then infused into a proposal for a new integral paradigm for holistic mental health and a treatment model for drug and alcohol addiction with co-occurring mental illness.