Elise Krohn

Elise Krohn
  • Alumni - Certificate, Ethnobotany / MEd Degree, Traditional Foods and Medicines
  • FWJ Author -
Region:North America
Interests:Plant foods and medicines, native uses and benefits
Biographical Information:Elise Krohn is a native foods educator and herbalist who is passionate about cultivating healing relationships between people and plants. Since 2005 she has taught classes, developed curriculum, and coordinated events for the Northwest Indian College’s Traditional Plants and Foods Program. She also directs a program at the Northwest Indian Treatment Center that offers participants hands-on learning about growing, harvesting, preparing and preserving wild foods and medicines. Elise is the author of Wild Rose and Western Red Cedar: the Gifts of the Northwest Plants and co-author of Feeding the People, Feeding the Spirit: Revitalizing Northwest Coastal Indian Food Culture.