Amy Eisenberg Ph.D.

Affiliation:Center for World Indigenous Studies Associate ScholarPosition:Region:Tohono O'odham Country, Sonoran DesertBiographical Information:Amy Eisenberg is an ethnoecologist, botanist, scientific artist, and organic sustainable agriculturist and agroforestor who conducts col- laborative research with indigenous peoples of Asia, the Pacific, South America, and North America. "Aymara Indian Perspectives on Development in the Andes" is her new book; a collaborative project with the Aymara people. She became an Associate Scholar with the Center for World Indigenous Studies in 2006 while serving as an International Expert at Jishou University's Research Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan with ethnic minority graduate students of China. She conducted participatory research with the Kam people of China through the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and UNESCO - Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Photos of her work by professional photographer John Amato, RN can be viewed at: