Casimir Ani

Dr. Ani Casimir Kingston Chukwunonyelum
Interests:INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY,TRADIONAL KNOWLEDGE,GENETIC RESOURCES/FOLKLORE;INDIGENIOUS PEOPLE'S RIGHTS;Political economy, community empowerment advocacy, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability
Biographical Information:Dr. Ani Casimir Kingston Chukwunonyelum is a senior lecturer and research fellow with the Institute of African studies/Department of Philosophy, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is the Chairman, Millenium Good Governance Project,Vice Chancellor’s Office.At the Institute of African Studies,he is the co-ordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Millenium Research Trends. He is Secretary,The Centre for Peace-building and Poverty Reduction Among African Indigenous peoples (CEPPER), accredited observers to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), UN, Geneva. CEPPER is also an accredited and funded UNESCO indigenous peoples’ civil society on matters concerning the intangible cultural heritage of Africa, especially the WAWA Indigenous Peoples of Biafra/Niger Delta of Nigeria. Dr. Ani is the author and contributor to several impact factor rated international and national journals and books,including the Fourth World Journal and the European Journal of International law.