Wide Ranging World Map

Center For World Indigenous Studies
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The Wide Ranging World Map is the only wall map that corresponds to the multicultural and environmental awareness of today. In addition to conventional features-every country and key city-this map features prominent indigenous nations (Inuit, Palestinian); cultural regions (Wales, Transylvania); highly populated regions; and active border disputes. This map replaces mere elevation with a blazing rendition of ecosystems and vegetation (forests, deserts, tundra), and it features ecological degradation (rainforest destruction, marine pollution, radioactive contamination) A map to learn from!

  • Compact edition: 40" X 27", markable, laminated on both sides
  • Large-scale edition: 65" X 69", markable synthetic paper, mounted on a steel spring roller with a backboard

This is the first global map depicting indigenous nations on every continent in relation to the environment, ecosystems, topography

Middle East Map

The map has already made its way to Marcellus High School in Michigan. The school's social studies teacher commented, The kids are looking at the map all the time. They think that it's really cool.

Rf Map

The map indicates population density and where natural vegetation has been replaced with cropland, along with marine pollution, radioactive contamination, and destroyed rainforests.

Malaysia Map

This is the first time any of these features has been shown on a wall map of the world.

A Center for World Indigenous Studies and The Exploration Company collaboration

Order a Compact Edition or the Large-scale edition for your Classroom, your organization, your agency.

In addition to conventional features of an advanced physical and political map, this wall map indicates terrain-e.g. savanna, tundra, forest-instead of elevation. It displays vastly populated regions. It notes prominent indigenous nations-e.g. Kurds, Palestinians, Inuit-shedding light on many of the Fourth World conflicts.

It includes environmental information: indicating severe marine pollution and destroyed rain forests as well as regions where Fourth World nations remain the main users of the environment. Other unique features include territorial capitals, the Antarctic desert, volcanoes, continents naming, rose compass, cropland, and cultural regions-e.g. Kashmir, Transylvania, Scotland.

Regions of the ocean are clearly depicted and details if islands like mountain ranges, and Fourth World nations in the news like the Ache in northern Sumatra.

The Wide-Ranging World Map is a Magnetic teaching tool!

Chris Durbin, the Formal Geography Advisor for BBC Education, stated that the map is One of the best I have seen. I would without hesitation recommend it. Pupils were drawn to it like a magnet.