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The Fourth World Journal begins a new era as an online subscription publication with the new Summer edition Volume 11 Number 2. We are now publishing in two downloadable formats: PDF and EPub. FWJ has been published for readers and delivered free for years. Due to escalating costs it has become unavoidably necessary for us to charge an annual subscription for two issues for a total of up to 300 pages. But to introduce everyone to our new FWJ we have posted a content sample for the just published Volume 11 Number 2 Autumn edition.

We have enjoyed the loyalty of a large number of FWJ readers for years. We hope you will stay with us and take our First Year subscription challenge. Issues published before August 2010 will remain available for free.

If you subscribe now, you will also receive a one year entry into the Chief George Manuel Memorial Library Research Branch and periodic CWIS Climate Change Monitor updates (indigenous peoples' domestic and international negotiations toward a new Climate Change treaty).

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