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Category: Artby - Jay Taber

Stand and be Counted

August 23, 2007

The 500 million people represented by the World Indigenous Movement do not control nuclear arsenals, central banks, or other weapons of mass destruction. What they do have in abundance, though,…

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Woven Stone

August 22, 2007

Though there were a few schools located in Native American communities or “Indian country” and American white teachers were sent out to educate Native American people, many, many children were…

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Reindeer People

August 21, 2007

The word shaman comes from the language of the reindeer people of Siberia. To subdue these nomadic people who ranged from the Urals to Mongolia to the Arctic Circle, the…

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On the Warpath

August 19, 2007

In this 2005 Mother Jones article by Julia Whitty, we meet Blackfeet Nation banker Elouise Pepion Cobell, who has made it her mission in life to recover the $176 billion…

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Indigenous Identity

August 17, 2007

As an American, I think indigenous identity is something diasporaed Europeans are still getting a handle on, and it seems to help to communicate with our still-rooted relations on the…

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Convergent Responders

August 16, 2007

In this article, CWIS associate scholar Janaka Jayawickrama (of the Trauma Risk Reduction Programme Disaster and Development Centre at Northumbria University) wrote about his experience organizing relief in the wake…

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Moblogging Jokkmokk

August 15, 2007

In this paper by Stephanie Hendrick and Therese Ornberg, The Weblog as an Immersive Space is explored based on the coverage of a Sami cultural festival by a team of…

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Indian Reservations

August 14, 2007

If you asked most Americans how many Indian reservations there are in the US, it wouldn’t surprise me that many might correctly guess several hundred. But if you asked those…

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From Gaza With Love

August 13, 2007

A year ago July, Le Monde diplomatique published a one-week excerpt from the weblog of Palestinian Red Crescent physician Mona El-Farra. Last week, after a speaking tour that took Dr….

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A Lasting Peace

August 10, 2007

When Bernadette Devlin — MP for Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland — crossed the floor of the Westminster Parliament in 1972 to slap the British Secretary of State’s face for saying…

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Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel (1921-1989), to the nations of the Fourth World and to the elders and generations to come.

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