Summer 2016

FWJ Volume 15, Number 1 CoverDownload this complete volume as a pdf eBook - 2.8MBDownload
LUKANKA* / p. 1-4Dr. Rudolph Ryser, Ph.D.(pdf - 546KB)
"that we poor Indians may receive our rights:" U.S. Strategic Interests in Central America and the Dispossession of the Miskito Kingdom / p. 5-45Joseph E. Fallon(pdf - 1.5MB)
Economic and Political Perspectives of Fourth World Populations In India / p. 47-53Dr. Kakali Majumdar, PhD(pdf - 588KB)
Envisioning Deep Collaboration Between Psychiatry And Traditional Ways Of Knowing In A British Columbia First Nations Setting: A Personal Reflection / p. 55-64Tony B. Benning, MBChB, PGDip, MSc, MRCPsych (UK), FRCP (C)(pdf - 664KB)
Miskitu Matriarch in Exile from Yapti Tasbia / p. 65-72Ercell Valcina Monica Hendy Clarence Tawska Fleurima(pdf - 999KB)
Jaqin Uraqpachat Amuyupa / p. 73-93Center for World Indigenous Studies Associate Scholar Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D.(pdf - 2.5MB)
Assessing and Addressing Environmental Health Disparities with Indigenous Communities: An Environmental Health Disparities Literature Review / p. 95-109Courtney J. Parker(pdf - 586KB)
BOOK REVIEW: Multicultural Counseling Workbook – Exercises, Worksheets & Games to Build Rapport with Diverse Clients / p. 111-112Janaka Jayawickrama, PhD(pdf - 535KB)
BOOK REVIEW: Not From Here: A Memoir / p. 113-114Dina Gilio-Whitaker, MA(pdf - 557KB)
BOOK REVIEW: Qaqamiigux: Traditional Foods and Recipes from the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands / p. 115-116Fellow for Ethnobotany and Ethnonutrition Elise Krohn, M.Ed(pdf - 732KB)
(*) Lukanka is a Miskito word from Yapti Tasba meaning "ideas," "thoughts," "thinking."