Poster for Biafran Govt in Exile - SABC  news report

Biafran Govt in Exile - SABC news report

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Biafra Govt in exile

The Children of Biafra Proclaim Independence--Again

September 3, 2007 by Rudolph Ryser.

With their principal leader Dr. Ralph Uwazurike imprisoned, ill and purportedly tortured since October 2005 under orders from just replaced President Obsanjo the leaders of the Ibo, Igaw, Ogoni, Igibo and other nations agreed this summer to the establishment of the Republic of Biafra provisional government in exile.
An array of Biafran leaders meeting in Washington, D.C. including Ambassador Cyril Ogbonna and Special Adviser Dr. Oguchi Nkwocha were led by Biafran leader Dr. Emmanuel Enekwechi announced the formation of a new Provisional Government of Biafra in exile at the National Press Club on 28 August. Asked why the announcement was made in the United States and not in Biafra Dr. Enekwechi explained that the government of Nigeria's military and secret security forces would capture, torture and kill known leaders. "It is necessary to conduct Biafra's government in exile to ensure that Biafra's voice is not intimidated and snuffed out as we work to regain our freedom and full powers of self-government in our homeland."
Biafra's governmental charter echoes the peoples' claim to the right of self-determination and freedom to live as a distinct nation:
We the Peoples of Biafra in praise of our God do hereby proclaim this government of Biafra by the power and authority of our common law founded in the expressed free will of our peoples. We do solemnly declare the promise of Biafra's posterity and our common commitment to the freedom, liberty, respect of human rights, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment of ourselves and the generations of Biafrans to come. (Biafra Charter 28 August 2007)
Seeking a non-violent and peaceful transformation of Biafra's political identity as a free and independent nation, Biafra's leaders have taken up the torch of their ancestors to reclaim their voice as free and distinct peoples. Not since the Portuguese invaded their territories in the 15th century and taken millions for slaves to South America and the United States have the peoples of Biafra and their neighbors truly known freedom--the ability to govern themselves and make choices freely without intimidation. With the decision made this summer and the announcement of the Biafran Provisional Government in Exile the children of Biafra have again expressed their desire to be a free people.
What does this freedom mean? Freedom to choose their own culture, their own social development, their own economy and their own political development without interference. The Biafrans have acted to exercise their power of self-determination.

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