Another America: Native American Maps and the History of Our Land


Center For World Indigenous Studies
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Price:$27.35 USDAnother America: Native American Maps and the History of Our Land
Author:Mark WarhusPublisher:Griffin
Editorial Review:Another America is the first book to present rare and seldom-seen maps made by Native Americans. These maps, which lay little known and little studied for the last three hundred years, open a window on the North American continent as it was understood and experienced by its original inhabitants. With meticulous research, this book brings to life the people, the places, and events of this Native American history. Each map is the focal point for a narrative on the traditions and experiences of the people involved with its creation. The historical and cultural context of the maps is used to illuminate the web of human, animal, natural, and spiritual relationships that shaped the Native American world. The maps record the efficiency of their oral traditions and the fullness with which the land was named, understood, and inhabited. They add a new depth of time to the North American landscape, and are a testament to human endurance and survival.