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June 29, 2006
Categories: News & Politics

Urgent intervention must be initiated now to prevent massive, government sanctioned killings.

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Biafran Declaration

May 10, 2006
Categories: News & Politics

Biafra, the reemerging nation of Igbo people and their allies seek to reclaim their political right to freely choose their own political future through nonviolent political transformation. CWIS has informed…

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The American Indian Elder Caregiver Health Study (2004-2007)

January 01, 2004

Designed to address health disparities of American Indians. Health disparities are "differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific…

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The Pacific Northwest Oolichan Oil Project

January 01, 2003

An ongoing CWIS project in which the nutritional and cultural value of the Oolichan (herring fish) is explored. Oolichan oil has, for untold centuries, been one of the most valuable…

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The Fourth World Community Trauma Study (1996 to 2006)

January 01, 1996

This ten-year study initiated by CWIS first began as a priority in 1996. The Study was an applied research project focusing on the evaluation and treatment of native communities, which…

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