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The fight for survival demands such an incredible amount of time and energy that fewer and fewer people have enough strength left for problem solving, let alone creative endeavours. Instability and the lack of natural or monetary resources is omnipresent in many regions of the world. To experience the peace of mind which is so necessary for being productive becomes a luxury enjoyed by only a handful of people. For the rest there is the experience of stress.
Injustice, discrimination, forced displacement, and other sorts of physical or psychological brutality take away the ability to think practically. It paralyses families, communities, whole nations.

Collective apathy seemed to be the word of the day on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Iraq war in the United States.
Where are we all fighting for human rights and justice? Why this apparent failure to undertake proper self-care, allowing some to manipulate millions to do exactly what a consumer society demands them to do? Is the human collective globally suffering from learned helplessness, depression and cultural demoralization?

Sure some of the greatest gains in global justice come from the political arena- establishing full democracy and universal access to health care and education. However in an era where the idea of renewed and expanded social programs seems subject of an ideological barrier every one of us needs to take action, take control, get informed and stand up to any injustice experienced.
Self-empowerment is possible on all levels and starts with becoming more aware changing little things in our surroundings so that we discover our own strenght and ability to effect change.

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  1. Analysis builds the framework of knowledge: The problem faced by analysts is the orthodoxy of radicalism that frames activism as rhetorical rather than strategic. Relying on this faulty model inevitably generates apathy and despair. Retooling the human rights movement within the framework of the public health model is the logical solution, but that is not clearly understood outside the rare milieu of mostly unsupported anti-fascist networks. To create an empowered critical mass of effective activists requires an enormous undertaking in reeducation.

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