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Indigenous Fellowship Programme


English-Speaking Indigenous Fellowship Programme 2008


Five English-speaking indigenous fellows will visit UNESCO headquarters for a two-week stay (9-20 June 2008), with the aim to learn about the work of the organization and engage in dialogue on issues of mutual concern.


As well as taking part in group sessions on UNESCO’s activities, the fellows will work individually with Programme Specialists on projects that are of interest to indigenous peoples including cultural diversity, gender equality, languages etc. Furthermore, they will be encouraged to develop project proposals for their communities and discuss them with UNESCO staff. The Indigenous Fellowship Programme is organized annually in concert with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

It is extremely important that Tibetan and other ethnic minority peoples who are currently facing severe discrimination apply. They need greater representation in the United Nations as China and other totalitarian regimes are undermining their rights to a sovereign cultural and religious heritage.  







Indigenous Fellowship Programme 

  • Source:UNESCO

  • 07-06-2008

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