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The world is full of a wealth of precious knowledge. That has to be protected by all means. We are all responsible to keep this wonderful knowledge alive and vibrant.

With physical, spiritual and social health being searched for all over but oftentimes missing in this world there is more and more interest in and recognition of the importance to preserve traditional medicinal knowledge. Today more than ever before we really know about the significance of our diverse medicines, cultures and identities.

The international congress “Medicinas Tradicionales, Interculturalidad y Salud Mental” in Tarapoto, San Martín, Peru from June 7 to 10 was marked a rare opportunity in the field of investigation on the therapeutic use of traditional healing practices. The event brought together health practitioners, indigenous representatives, governmental authorities, international organizations and academics to discuss, learn, develop and share ideas concerning experiences in the field of traditional medicine generally not known. This opened doors to other spaces interior and exterior and indigenous ways of knowing showing that different cultures and medicines can live together.

The valuable contribution of traditional medicine to resolve pressing and growing contemporary problems especially in mental health were emphasized with visibility and great evidence given to the treatment of addictions.

Ratificacion de Tarapoto 2009

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  1. One experience that opened my eyes to traditional medicine was when a neighbor was afflicted with shingles, and his physician gave him pain pills and nothing else. We had a book on herbal medicine, so we looked up wild plants for his ailment. To our surprise, these plants grew right outside our back door, and in no time at all his shingles went away after the initial topical treatment.

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