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Climate Failure Postscript – loop holes


The Guardian just reported that an effort is underway at the UN to change the climate change negotiating rules contained in the Kyoto protocol.  Attempts will be made in Bonn, Germany next week to get agreement on changes that will allow states’ government parties to vote in the majority on treaty passages and opt out of various treaty requirements.  While all of this, if successful in Bonn will give the appearance of a treaty-making process, indeed, such changes in the rules will guarantee that carbon emissions and other green house gas emissions will continue unabated by those who wish to avoid regulation.

The decision to press for rule changes has more to do with ego than serious decision-making.  Indigenous peoples will continue to be pushed aside in favor of moneyed interests who wish to maintain their power and the ability to confiscate indigenous resources.

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  1. The battle is indeed underway here in California, one of the leading economies in the world. Regional indigenous institutions might want to watch or weigh in on what happens here.

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