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In Colonialism and the Green Economy, Daniel C. Marotta and Jennifer Coute-Marotta report on the reality of the REDD carbon market scheme in Chiapas, where the Mexican government is relocating independent communities from the forest to camps created through UN Millenium Development programs designed for the benefit of carbon polluters in the United States. Contrived as a charade for US and EU corporations to evade responsibility for climate change, REDD is being used by Third World governments to control peasant and Indigenous populations, while converting forests into plantations for transnational corporate agriculture. Using the UN protocols as a means of coercing its member states into REDD compliance, the transnational corporations now have a powerful new tool in extracting wealth from the Third and Fourth Worlds, as well as a device for manipulating international markets, controlling world trade, and corrupting governments at home and abroad. Quite an achievement considering the entire concept of REDD is built around a colossal fraud.

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