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FW Nations: Climate Mitigation and Adaptation


Fourth World nations are serious parties to local, regional or international negotiations concerning mitigation and adaptation to changes in the climate. Climate Change due to global warming is attributed to human initiated releases of carbon and human created toxins into earth’s atmosphere. These nations occupy territories containing 80% of the world’s biodiversity; and with a [&hellip... more →

Energy Transition-Draconian Measures


Fourth World nations in the United States, Canada and throughout the Americas have often sounded the alarm about industrial waste, pollution of the environment and the need to slow demand for petroleum, electricity and coal. Why have nations indigenous to the Americas been so persistent in their calls for slowing the process of growth? Every [&hellip... more →

Food Riots, Climate Change, Its the Economy Stupid


Speaking at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations (23 April 2008) Bolivian President Evo Morales called on indigenous peoples’ delegates to recognize the importance of ancient traditions and knowledge held by Fourth World nations as the essential ingredient for reversing the adverse effects of Climate Change. Morales, according to Climatewire, said [&hellip... more →

Hard Choices and Climate Change


The United Nations has convened and scheduled numerous meetings to address remedies to reduce the effects of Global Warming and needed human adaptations in response to impending climate change. The latest of these meetings has just ended in Bangkok, Thailand under the name: Adhoc Working Group – Climate Change. States’ governments are beginning to consider [&hellip... more →

Nations open door to Energy Independence


Guest Contributor: Laura Killian, CWIS Associate Scholar Obtaining clean energy and working towards independence from fossil fuels has, up until recently, been a far off, expensive notion for small communities. That notion is changing, due in part as renewable energy technology advances while new markets open, allowing for costs to be lowered each year. Fourth [&hellip... more →

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