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Food Security Overseas and at Home


Perhaps 1 billion or more of the world’s population suffer from material poverty and hunger with sixty-five percent of those living in just seven countries (WFP, 2010) [India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia] according to the United Nations World Food Program. Sixty percent of those who lack sufficient food [&hellip... more →

GMO Profits and killing the Seed


Political leaders, academic and corporate leaders alike credit bioengineering and related technologies as 21st century achievements that will feed the world and cure diseases. In just a few short years, businesses have popped up in the market place to garner billions in profits from genetically modified foods, pesticides and herbicides and human ears and noses [&hellip... more →

Six degrees warmer, 65,000 years earlier


Two reports from archaeologists and climate scientists issued in the last few days call to mind how much indigenous peoples have determined our present day life and how much they will determine our future. Reuters reported last Thursday that archaeologists uncovered a pouch containing a “tool kit” at a site in the United Arab Emirates [&hellip... more →

Traditional Knowledge? A Seat at the Table


A central question raised by indigenous peoples involved in Climate Change treaty talks has been, “will traditional knowledge and cultural standards as reflected in local rules and regulations become a part of the global mosaic of mitigation and adaptation practices to respond to the adverse affects of climate change.” The price for a seat at [&hellip... more →

Market-Based Climate Schemes: Rejected


Indigenous peoples’ representatives in Cancun, México have flatly rejected the market-based approach to global warming called REDD (United Nations Reduction of Emissions for Deforestation and Forest Degradation). Thousands of indigenous peoples’ organization members and supporters marched in Cancun in front of Moon Palace where Climate Change delegates were meeting to make the point that the [&hellip... more →

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