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BINGOs, wars and Indigenous Refugees


Big International NGOs (BINGOs) like the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Conservation International and the Nature Conservancy directly cause the displacement of Fourth World peoples from their territories resulting in large numbers of native peoples living as refugees.  Former Publisher and Editor of the magazine Mother Jones Mark Dowie writes in his new book Conservation Refugees [&hellip... more →

Corporate Violence Continues


There has been no greater challenge to the life, territory, culture and very existence of Fourth World peoples than that presented by the greed and impunity of unregulated resource extracting corporations. Royal Dutch Shell Oil corporation negotiated an out of court settlement of a 15 year lawsuit initiated by the New York City-based Centre for [&hellip... more →

UN Permanent Forum 8 -NY


UN Headquarters, New York City - Today is the third to the last day of a two-week session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues meeting in Conference Room 4 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  Perhaps two-hundred delegations are attending from mostly indigenous organizations representing sometimes many communities. Most [&hellip... more →

Bolivia Affirms International Consensus


The Aymara people and Quechua people make up the majority population of Bolivia and now for the first time in Bolivia’s history the original nations have a role in ruling the country. Bolivia has enacted by popular vote a new constitution. With a popular vote of 61% there is no doubt that the peoples of [&hellip... more →

Their Job is to Say No!


Political leaders who commit human rights violations, commit torture or genocide do not admit to committing a crime–they blame their actions on the public they supposedly represent. Ghastly, inhuman acts committed are always justified by the acts of the other or someone else…never the person committing the act. And so it was when American military [&hellip... more →

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