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Human Rights

Anti-Indian Movement Again


When ever privileged male voters in the United States believe their status and privileges are about to be challenged, they turn on the economically weakest with a vengeance. “Wealth has its privileges” and that means manipulating government to serve the wealthy and the privileged. Government becomes the bogeyman that must be paired down, that must [&hellip... more →

WHO Admits to Not Have Done Enough


“I hope this is a start of getting into a more intense contact,” the representative of the World Health Organization stated at the organization’s Geneva headquarters during a meeting with indigenous delegates from around the world on July 14th. ” You have to come see us, speak to us,” he admonished. “It is a two [&hellip... more →

Financial Liberalization, Globalization and Human Migration


Corporations and states’ governments have created a profoundly desperate situation for hundreds of millions of people that is already made more complicated by human induced climate change. Huge numbers of people are continuing to be displaced economically as a result of Reagan/Thatcher financial liberalization that began about thirty years ago. What was celebrated for decades [&hellip... more →

UN Indigenous Discourse A Disappointment


I sat in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations at the 9th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues last week listening to speakers from North American Indigenous organizations, and the US and Canada governments, and I was dismayed at what I heard. I heard Fred Caron begin the meeting by describing [&hellip... more →

UNDRIP Implementation


UN Headquarters, United Nations. New York City I am sitting in on a side event preparatory to the afternoon meeting of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.  The Side Event, and there are many such meetings going on simultaneously, is a special meeting set up by an organization or group of organizations to [&hellip... more →

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