Beautiful Children

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Cheap Sensationalism


This is not their story. Nor is it good news to the people the media reports concern. The coverage of a recent fly-over of a remote part of the Amazon rainforest during which members of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes were spotted is all about chasing ratings by European media. What about the [&hellip... more →

Nations within the State


The Financial Times, New York Times and BBC increasingly report stories about growing conflicts between Fourth World nations and powerful states like the United States, Britain and Russia. Reports that the United States military will expand its covert operations in the Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan, NATO’s war against Pashtun forces in Afghanistan, British interventions [&hellip... more →

Stand and be Counted


The 500 million people represented by the World Indigenous Movement do not control nuclear arsenals, central banks, or other weapons of mass destruction. What they do have in abundance, though, is the power of moral sanction. As evidenced in the recent establishment of the United League of Indigenous Nations to govern international trade, travel, health, [&hellip... more →

Indignant Peoples Want to Be Free


There is little in the public press or electronic media that doesn’t simply echo the conventional wisdom quoted from government officials or other “official sources.” The Fourth World Eye has for years served as a venue for stories behind the cryptic references you see or here in the corporate media. When a writer reports an [&hellip... more →

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