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Category: Arts and Culture

Traditional Knowledge? A Seat at the Table

January 20, 2011

A central question raised by indigenous peoples involved in Climate Change treaty talks has been, “will traditional knowledge and cultural standards as reflected in local rules and regulations become a…

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Film Review: Richard Gere is My Hero

May 7, 2010

Guest Film Review by Tashi Tenzin Richard Gere is My Hero Duration: 90 mins Genre: Romantic Comedy/Tibetan with English Subtitle Script & Direction: T. Wangchuk and T.Dorjee Lead actors: Sonam…

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Remarks offered at Diabetes, Holistic Gathering

March 23, 2010

For many years the Center for World Indigenous Studies has pioneered education, research and public policy concerning the restoration of native foods and medicines as a part of a wider…

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Miquel Alfonso Martinez – Diplomat and Friend

February 3, 2010

After losing one friend it appears I have lost yet another.  Dr. Miquel J. Alfonso Martinez, one Cuba’s most outstanding diplomats who in my experience played a dominant role in…

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Multidimensional Vision

January 2, 2010

What a flat-out anti-war message. The science fiction epic film “Avatar” is a fictional story about the most pressing, real problems of today’s imperialistic world. It concerns big contemporary topics…

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China’s Wild West Force in East Turkistan

November 9, 2009

Uyghurs are a distinct people with their territories claimed by the Peoples’ Republic of China. They are largely practicing Muslims and speak their own language. For more than sixty years…

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The light footprint of indigenous west Mexico

November 8, 2009

Imagine if you will ships toweringly loaded with oyster shells and vessels traveling the Pacific Ocean carrying textiles, wood, ceramics and copper and tin and you might think such sights…

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One Family, Many Cultures

June 22, 2009

When the salutation, “All my relations” is spoken or written these days, many people think this quaint and perhaps a little presumptuous. But, the expression has always expressed a deep…

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World Care and Tibet

September 9, 2008

Tibet is in trouble. As a long time supporter of Tibet’s freedom I am eager to share information about World Care and Tibet. Tibet is located in the heart of…

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Preventing Elitism

September 9, 2008

It is perfectly natural that elites — those with special gifts and achievements — will rise to prominence. When these gifted people exercise noblesse oblige, they should be celebrated and…

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